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LAD motherboard

Interconnection motherboard making possible connection of 25 Timepix detectors to one FITPix readout interface.

PCB schematic / PCB layout design / hand soldering

Device concept

Interconnection motherboard making possible connection of 25 Timepix detectors (five rows with five detectors each) to one FITPix readout interface. The motherboard was designed for the new large area device composed of a matrix of 10 x 10 tiles of silicon pixel detectors Timepix having fully sensitive area of 14.3 x 14.3 cm2.

Gradually developed three different versions.

LAD Motherboard 1: Serial
LAD Motherboard 2: 2x2 LVDS Crosspoint Switch
LAD Motherboard 3: Fitpix 3, FPGA switching
Radiogram of two mice side by side (a) taken with the large area pixel detector (b) - on the photography with top cover removed. Device is composed of ten rows of chipboards composing 10 x 10 matrix (each chipboard is divided into two idependent parts, each part carries five Timepix detectors), four FITPix readout interfaces and four motherboards (c) interconecting each FITPix with five chipboards.


PCB design: Eagle

Hlavní součástky

DS90CP22 800 Mbps 2x2 LVDS Crosspoint Switch
Microcontroller: AVR ATMega
Power sources: NCP1599, TPS74801


Large area pixel detector WIDEPIX with full area sensitivity composed of 100 Timepix assemblies with edgeless sensors
J. Jakůbek, M. Jakůbek, M. Platkevič, P. Soukup, D. Tureček, V. Sýkora, D. Vavřík
JINST 9 C04018 (2014)